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Publication list (1971-2005) (ps)

  Jean V. Bellissard
     Structure of Delone Sets (pdf)
     Invited paper to the special issue in memory of Jean Bourgain,
     Journal of Mathematical Physics (submitted on 6 Feb. 2021).

  Siegfried Beckus, Jean V. Bellissard & Giuseppe De Nittis
     Spectral Continuity for Aperiodic Quantum Systems: Applications of a Folklore Theorem (pdf)
     arXiv: 1803.03099 , (March 8, 2018),
     Journal of Mathematical Physics (pdf), 61(12), 123505, (2020)
     (online since December 23rd 2020).

  Siegfried Beckus, Jean V. Bellissard & Horia Cornean
     Hölder Continuity of the Spectra for Aperiodic Hamiltonians (pdf)
     arXiv: 1901.07789, (January 23, 2019),
     Annales Henri Poincaré (pdf), 20(11), 3603-3631, (2019).

  Jean V. Bellissard & Takeshi Egami
     A Simple Theory of Viscosity in Liquids (pdf)
     Phys. Rev. E 98, 063005 pp. 1-9, (2018),

  Siegfried Beckus, Jean V. Bellissard & Giuseppe De Nittis
     Spectral Continuity for Aperiodic Quantum Systems II. Periodic Approximation in 1D (pdf)
     arXiv: 1803.03099, (March 8, 2018),
     Accepted for publication in J. Math. Phys. (Nov. 17, 2020)

  Siegfried Beckus, Jean V. Bellissard & Giuseppe De Nittis
     Spectral Continuity for Aperiodic Quantum Systems I. General Theory (pdf)
     arXiv: 1709.00975, (Aug. 30, 2017),
     J. Funct. Anal., 275, 2917-2977, 2018.
     Corrigendum, J. Funct. Anal., (Available online 17 June 2019).

  Jean V. Bellissard
     Anankeon theory and viscosity of liquids: a toy model (pdf)
     arXiv: 1708.06624v1, (Aug. 19, 2017),

  Emil Prodan & Jean Bellissard
     Mapping the Current-Current Correlation
     Function Near a Quantum Critical Point. (pdf)

     arXiv: 1512.02476, (Dec. 8, 2015),
     Ann. of Phys., 368, 1-15, (2016)   

  Siegfried Beckus & Jean Bellissard
     Continuity of the Spectrum of a Field of Self-Adjoint Operators. (pdf)
     arXiv: 1507.04641 (Jul 16, 2015),
     Ann. Henri Poincaré, 17, 2016, 3425-3442.   

  Jean Bellissard
     Delone Sets and Material Science: a Program (pdf)
    in  Mathematics of Aperiodic Order,  J. Kellendonk, D. Lenz, J. Savinien, Eds.
     "Progress in Mathematics" series, 309, Birkhäuser, 2015.

  Emil Prodan, Bryan Leung, Jean Bellissard
     The non-commutative n-th Chern number (pdf)
     arXiv: 1305.2425
     J. of Phys. A: Math. Theor., 48, 485202, (2013)

  Bellissard J., A. Julien ,
     Bi-Lipshitz Embedding of Ultrametric Cantor Sets into Euclidean Spaces (pdf)
     arXiv: 1202.4330 (Feb. 20, 2012, Oct. 22 2013), submitted

  Bellissard J., Schulz-Baldes H.,
    Scattering theory for lattice operators in dimension d≥3  (pdf)
   Rev. Math. Phys, 24, (2012), no. 8, 1250020 1-51.

  Androulakis G., Bellissard J., Sadel C.
    Dissipative dynamics in semiconductors at low temperature  (pdf)
    arXiv:1107.1248  (July 6 2011),
   J. Stat. Phys., 147, (2012), 448-486.

  Bellissard J., Marcolli M., Reihani K.
    Dynamical Systems on Spectral Metric Spaces  (pdf) 
    arXiv: 1008.4617 (August 30 2010)

J. Bellissard, A. Julien, J. Savinien,
Tiling Groupoids And Bratteli Diagrams(pdf)

arXiv: 0911.0080 [math.OA]
Annales Henri Poincar
é, 11, 69-99, 2010

Bellissard J., Radin C., Shlosman S.,
The characterization of ground states, (pdf)
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 (2010) 305001.  (online version)

Palmer I., Bellissard J.,
Uniquely Ergodic Minimal Tiling Spaces with Positive Entropy,  (pdf)
arXiv: 0906.2997,  submitted in

J. Pearson, J. Bellissard,
Noncommutative Riemannian Geometry and Diffusion on Ultrametric Cantor Sets  (pdf)
arXiv: 0802.1336v1 [math.OA]

J.  Noncommut. Geo., 3, (2009), 447-480

S. Garoufalidis, J. Bellissard,
Algebraic G-Functions associated to matrices over a group ring  (pdf)
arXiv: 0708.4234 [math.CO]

J. Bellissard, J. Savinien
A spectral sequence for the K-theory of tiling spaces  (pdf)
arXiv: 0705.2483v1 [math.KT]
Erg. Th. Dyn. Syst.
, 29, (2009), 997--1031.

J. Bellissard, P. Hislop, G. Stolz
Correlations  Estimates in the Lattice Anderson Model  (pdf)
J. Stat. Phys, 129, (2007), 649-662.

J. Bellissard, P. Hislop
Smoothness of correlations in the Anderson model at strong disorder  (pdf)
Annales H. Poincar
é, 8, (2007), 1-28

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Spaces of Tilings, Finite Telescopic Approximations and Gap-labelling 
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If they are limit periodic ?   (pdf)
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J. Bellissard,
Random Matrix Theory and the Anderson Model   (pdf)
J. Stat. Phys.,  116 (1-4): 739-754, (2004),
(special issue  at the occasion of Elliott Lieb's 70th birthday)

J. Bellissard, J. Magnen, V. Rivasseau
Supersymmetric Analysis of a Simplified Two Dimensional Anderson Model at Small Disorder   (pdf)
In Inhomogeneous Random Systems, (Cergy Pointoise, 2002)
Markov Processes and Related Fields ,
9, (2003), 261-278. 

J. Bellissard,
Noncommutative Geometry of Aperiodic Solids   (pdf)
"Geometric and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory", (Villa de Leyva, 2001), pp. 86-156,

World Sci. Publishing, River Edge, NJ, (2003).

   J. Bellissard,
Coherent and dissipative transport in aperiodic solids    (pdf)
Published in  Dynamics of Dissipation  P. Garbaczewski, R. Olkiewicz (Eds.),
Lecture Notes in Physics,  597, Springer (2003), pp.  413-486.
Proceedings of the 38th Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Ladek, Poland, 6-15 Feb 2002.

J. Bellissard, R. Rebolledo, D.Spehner, W. von Waldenfels
The Quantum Flow of Electronic transport I: The finite volume case
mp_arc 02-212, (2002)

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Spaces of Tilings, Finite Telescopic Approximations and Gap-labelling
in Commun. Math. Phys., March 22nd, 2003,

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Phase-averaged transport for quasiperiodic Hamiltonians
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D. Spehner, J. Bellissard,
The Quantum Jumps approach for infinitely many states
to be published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Quantum Optics of Santiago,
(August 2000), M. Orszag and J.C. Retamal Eds.,
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Proceeding of the 7th International Conference on Quasicrystals,
Stuttgart (September 20-24, 1999).

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M.B. Baake and R.V. Moody Eds., AMS Providence. 

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Analysis of the Spectrum of a Particle on a Triangular Lattice
with two MagneticFluxes by Algebraic and Numerical Methods

J.  of Phys. A 24, 2329-2353, (1991).<

(publications prior to 1991 see )